DJ Oliver and The Face of Ibiza

Sat 06.02.2010

All hail DJ Oliver as we catch up with him residing over his fabulous Circus; The Face of Ibiza which he created with Baby Marcelo at the gigantic Privilege.

Born in Barcelona, DJ Oliver has always had a passion for clubs, whether in lighting or in the DJ booth. As a teenager he loved to cook up demos for friends' parties and this has continued throughout his career, producing with the likes of Roger Sanchez ("Mysteriosa" for his label, Stealth), and amongst others, Defected, Deep Touch and Addicted.

His first residency was in Moog on Las Ramblas, Barcelona, and he ventured over to Ibiza for the first time at the tender age of 17, where he scored a job initially doing the lighting at Privilege.

Five years later he moved to Amnesia where he was a resident for nine years. Now it's back to Privilege for his night which took the island by storm last season.

In this clip, DJ Oliver talks about why Privilege is a great venue for the party and how it's all about the clown...! He chats about how the DJs are selected, the set-up in the booth and why he likes to play on CDs over laptops. DJ Oliver has been on a world tour since the end of last summer, with a few more dates in Moscow and Bilbao before the Ibiza season starts again this June.