MyKill’s CDJ-800 & DJM-700 DJ demo

Tue 10.02.2009

Straight from his home studio, Malta’s DJ MyKill sent in this video of him flexing his skills on the DJM-700 and CDJ-800s. Check him out, he's all over the pitch control, looping features and filters as he cuts the bass and generally rinses the effects. MyKill Cini is a flexible musician who has DJed extensively across the islands of Malta. He’s also spent several months in Ibiza to expand his horizons. He often performs along with partner in crime Kevin the Bongo Man, though in this clip he’s gone solo… Says MyKill: ‘This is me, fooling around Vabiella-styleee, ha-ha, I wish. Well, it’s me, trying to do a demo of the CDJ-800s and the DJM – enjoy!’ MyKill’s track list Laidback Luke ‘Break Down the House’ Bootleg ‘Piano Is the Answer’