Rennie Pilgrem

Tue 01.03.2011

Rennie Pilgrem has been on the scene breaking beats since the early 90s alongside The Prodigy, Bizzarre Inc and Moby, all the time honing his sound and manipulating bass. DJsounds had an intimate word in Rennie's creative den - he now paints as well as write soundtracks for films alongside dishing out funk injected bass monsters. He tells us why the UK scene still leads the way, about "Nu Jungle" and why he is adopting rekordbox and the CDJ-2000s.

His imprint, Thursday Club Recordings has been running for 17 years and Rennie tells us how a modern day artist has to adapt to a changing industry.

Responsible for legendary night, Friction co-founded with Tayo and Adam Freeland, Rennie is often cited for kick starting NuSkool Breaks.