John 00 Fleming CDJ-2000, rekordbox and DJM-2000 walk through

Mon 07.03.2011

Trance hero John 00 Fleming shows DJsounds round his current DJ rider consisting of the CDJ-2000s, rekordbox and DJM-2000. On the stage at the Concorde 2 in Brighton before the start of his J00F sessions night, Jon shows us how he's playing off rekordbox and the CDJ's using Pro DJ Link. He stresses the importance of organising your set in rekordbox and how the DJM-2000 brings the whole system together. The transition from CD to USB can be quite a challenge but Jon tells us how the new CDJ's and rekordbox actually make it very easy.

We will be catching up with John for a more thorough, in depth chat shortly where he tells us just what is wrong with producer-DJs and the Trance scene.