John 00 Fleming's J00F Sessions

Sun 13.03.2011

John 00 Fleming has been at the forefront of technology and the Harder / Trancier end of the scene since he started playing in the late 80s. Never short of an opinion he talks candidly with DJsounds after his live set with The Digital Blonde as 00db and before his DJ set at his J00F Sessions night at the Concorde 2 in his home town of Brighton.

John tells us how the scene has changed and how his J00F Sessions nights reflect this, the problem with producer-DJs and where hot new scenes are developing.

Remember to check out John's walk round his current DJ set up of the CDJ-2000s and DJM-2000 powered by rekordbox and his opinion of our new DJ speakers the SDJ-05 and SDJ-08 in the related clips.