Part 2: Mixing audio & video on the SVM-1000 by Charles Kriel

Thu 20.03.2008

The second part in DVJ Kriel’s mini AV masterclass series examines the various means of mixing audio and video with the SVM-1000. This includes using audio and/or video gain and mixing four layers of video – in full luminance – among other things to make your AV set go BOOM! Charles also demonstrates the Video Solo Mode, Video Fader Sync and the transform/cross fader and EQ options available. Again, the screen is split into different views: covering DVJ-1000 outputs one and two, and the SVM-1000 output. For more on Kriel, including excerpts from his book, How to DVJ, click here. Mixing audio & video on the SVM-1000 - WMV 9 - 53 mb