DJM-2000 Belgian Launch

Sat 24.04.2010

Hold tight as we join Belgian favourite, Nina De Man, who has already shared with us the dawn of a new species back last September, at the Belgian launch of the DJM-2000. The local club DJ cognoscenti turned out in force to experience the amazing DJM-2000 firsthand at Cafe D'Anvers.

European product planner, David Eserin, tells us why this mixer will make life so much easier in DJ booths across the world. Meanwhile, Kristian van Haute, from Pioneer Belgium, enthuses about the myriad of effects that can be used to warp, manipulate and mangle the DJ's sounds.

The DJM-2000, alongside the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900, completes the next step in the next generation of professional DJ equipment. Top features include three different ways of applying effects: touch, beat and rotary, including unique Gating, side chaining and frequency specific mixing control. These amazing effects, alongside the unique Pro DJ link which allows up to four CDJ-2000/900 players and two laptops running rekordbox, to be connected simultaneously, plus an integrated 96K, 24 bit sound card completes this next level mixer. Will the DJs be able to stay away from the white noise though?!