Profile: Eclectic Method

Thu 24.05.2007


Renowned as rebel remixers since 2001, Geoff Gamlen, Ian ‘Cutswift’ Edgar and Jonny ‘B.R.K’ Wilson are Eclectic Method. These post millennium mavericks have risen rapidly from the underground, with their acclaimed video mash-up skills being called upon by the likes of MTV, Fatboy Slim and, most recently, U2!

It is inspiring to know that Geoff, Ian and Jonny first emerged out of ‘bedroom production circumstances’. Drawing together an alarming array of musical influences – hip-hop, rock and pop, R&B and house are all united under their non-stop video groove – the radical recyclers went on to create stacks of seminal bootlegs. This early work was compiled on a 2002 CD-ROM entitled The Bootleg Video Mix, and even embraced by MTV in a series of shows called MTV Mash.

Eclectic Method then smashed into clubland with their amped up AV show, and in 2005 released a DVD titled We're Not VJs, where they innovatively mashed their way through a mind-blowing amount of material. The crew have also mashed professionally on an XL Recordings megamix and for Fatboy Slim’s 2006 DVD Why Make Videos. On the official film front, the Method have produced viral trailers for US film studios, including New Line Cinema (Take the Lead), and remixed Jamaican movie classics for Palm Pictures, as well as the hip-hop documentaries Freestyle and Scratch. What’s more, as you may have already seen + heard, the Method's techniques have more recently been applied to U2’s music videos.

Electric performers on the live circuit, Eclectic Method’s hectic jams recognise no boundaries, but they’ve never been asked to ‘cease and desist’. In fact, they’ve stormed the Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Raindance Festival, Radio One’s One Big Weekend, the House Music Awards in 2005, and an Eyebeam event in New York in 2007, not to mention zillions of clubs the world over. They have featured regularly in DJ magazine’s Top 20 VJs Poll and have enjoyed battles with other AV innovators, including DJ Yoda and DJ Spooky. With DVJ decks now integral to this compelling team’s performance and production style, the Method remain Eclectic…

“We're always thinking about the combination of sound and visuals – a car skidding on a transform scratch, screens shifting on the first beat of the bar for effective hot cue points – there are endless possibilities.” Ian Edgar Eclectic Method & U2 on DJsounds

Words: LL