Interview: DVJ X-ian enjoys ‘10 Days Off’ in Ghent, Belgium

Fri 03.08.2007

10 Days Off takes place at the stunning Vooruit arts centre, in the heart of Ghent and provides a much-needed club orientated focus during the traditional 10-day party in the city that is the annual ‘Gentse Feesten’.

Impressively epic in scale and equally adventurous with its production and programming, it’s here that we caught up with Belgium’s own DVJ X-ian (aka Kristian Van Haute), who was billed to follow Fred Nasen, 100% Isis and John Digweed one steamy Saturday night late in July.A prolific progressive house DJ and innovative DVJ artist who also works for Pioneer in Belgium, X-ian has played 10 Days Off several times before and knows exactly how to rock its heaving masses. Although born in 1995 as 10 as Days of Techno, 10 Days Off has evolved into a far more eclectic celebration of electronic music. And while the mammoth party whipped up a mighty storm this year over three levels (B-Live Room, Mine White Room and Ball Room) in the multistoried Vooruit, here X-ian takes us deep into the bowels of the party as he chats about the event and his show.