Regi live In the Mix at Ethias Arena, Belgium

Thu 15.10.2009

Enjoy a slice of the massive Regi In the Mix concert, held at the huge Ethias Arena, in Hasselt, Belgium.

Attracting thousands of clubbers to his live one-man show, which is like a pumped up DJ/VJ set on steroids, Regi Penxten talks us through his unique audio-visual performance, which utilises DVJs and the SVM-1000 mixer.

Of course, the Belgian trance/dance maestro and musician is no stranger to such enormous audiences. He is key to the chart-topping Milk Inc. and Sylver projects, has collaborated widely with other artists and released music under numerous aliases on many different labels, including the majors.

He released his first solo album, REGIstrated, in 2007 and his In the Mix compilations are going strong in 2009 with Regi in the Mix 7. Words: LRC