Fred Hush at the White Castle

Wed 27.01.2010

In this clip, we party with Fred Hush, Belgian DJ and Producer, at stunning venue, Le Chateau Blanc, in Kortijk.

Pro skateboarding's loss is house music's gain, as we discover how Fred fell into DJ-ing 12 years ago despite his passion for the other decks. He developed his love for music from his dad and MTV at an early age, and has been spinning professionally for six years.

His potion of electronic, progressive and minimal house creates an awesome party which Fred describes as both 'cosy' and 'dangerous'! Fred tells us how he kicked off his production career when Bruno Quartier - of BBE - Seven Days and One Week fame - became his mentor!

He now produces tracks for assorted labels, including his own, 'The Palm Beach Records'. Listen out for Fred's track, 'Victoria' in the clip.