How to DJ: Episode 1 - Entering the Scene With Sarah Main (Part 1 of 5)

Sun 15.02.2009

DJsounds brings you exclusive access to a new series of video tutorials produced by Ministry of Sound TV and giving a comprehensive guide to DJ'ing from the very basics through to advanced techniques. This hot new series features international DJs Sarah Main at home in Ibiza (Episode 1) followed by the Jedi DJs – Phil K (Episode 2) and James Zabiela (Episode 3). For Episode 1, Part 1, Sarah Main has the 400 series set up in her villa and talks us through the basic skills you need to get started as a DJ, step by step. So hit play to find out more, from entering the scene to setting up your DJ kit, accessing different audio formats, and the basic principles of mixing (music monitoring using headphones, beatmixing through counting beats, bars and phrases, and so on). Look out for parts 2-5 with Sarah Main, coming soon to DJsounds.