Sorry but Matthias Tanzmann is Circoloco!

Wed 17.02.2010

Meet Minimal maestro Matthias Tanzmann at Circoloco (Spanish for crazy circus!), Café d'Anvers where he tells us about this unique party with the feel of Ibiza, even in the depths of winter in snowy Antwerp.

Hear how he builds the energy slowly with long mixes and about the crazy clubbers who are definitely "Circoloco". Matthias Tanzmann is resident DJ at The Distillery and has been entertaining the clubbers of Leipzig - Germany with electronic music since 1997.

He was co-founder of Gamat 3000, with Daniel Scholz, and they had one of the club hits of the summer of '99 with 'Feeling Love'. This gave birth to a new label, Moon Harbour at the start of the millennium, which Matthias runs with Andrè Quaas (The Distillery).

Matthias studied media design at Bauhaus University, adding another string to his creative bow and by 2007 he had released numerous EP's, compilations and remixes as a solo artist.

He of course also enjoys collaborating with other artists, such as Steve Bug and Daniel Stefanik. In an interesting revelation from Matthias we hear that Circoloco is back at the controversial DC 10 this summer in Ibiza... we shall have to wait and see!