How to DJ: Episode 2 – The Next Level With Phil K (Part 6 of 9)

Sun 10.05.2009

Phil K is back with yet more tips on How to DJ. And this time around he’s looking at how up-and-coming DJs can get gigs and break into the scene… Are you experienced? If you’re seeking DJ experience in clubland and want to generate career-building exposure as a ‘warm-up’ spinner, then this is the clip for you. Having DJed since the mid-80s, Phil talks us through the various stages of getting your name out there. From approaching the clubs, to online marketing, to performing the perfect warm up set, which, of course, means setting the mood with a slower tempo and holding back on those extra large club bangers. He also gives advice on founding (and playing at) your own night, DIY-style. Words: LRC