DJ Spooky at South by South West

Fri 21.05.2010

We're back again at the South by South West event in Austin, Texas, this time with Paul Miller, AKA DJ Spooky. Hailing from New York, Spooky uses pretty much every form of media to communicate with his fans, as well as put across his political messages.

Miller has a passion for reggae and dub and has released a series of three compilations, remixes and collections of material from the Jamaican label, Trojan Records, as well as other works such as Optometry, Dubtometry and most recently, Drums of Death. He has produced for the likes of Yoko Ono, Dawn Penn and Public Enemy, to name but a few.

In the clip, we hear about his books, 'Sound Unbound' and 'Rhythm Science', both collections of essays and writings on electronic music. He also tells us about the films he's produced soundtracks for, like Slam and Scream 2, as well as his own film, Rebirth of a Nation.

Spooky states on his website that this was "his first large-scale multimedia performance piece, and it has been performed in venues around the world, from the Sydney Festival to the Herod Atticus Amphitheater, more than fifty times. The DVD version of Rebirth of a Nation was released by Anchor Bay Films/Starz Media in late 2008". Finally, back to the SXSW conference, Spooky tells us all about his use of CDJs and DVJs to create his unique visual show, and his new iPhone application which was developed with Music Soft Arts from New York, and enables you to DJ from your iPhone.