Profile: Steve Lawler

Sun 10.12.2006

SteveLawlerProfile Part 1 by Steve Lawler is a spellbinding DJ/producer who is treasured worldwide for his innovative ever-evolving technical skills and far-reaching sound...

Demonstrating an extraordinary fidelity to the finest underground house music since the late 1980s, he’s rocked all the best clubbing spaces and won a staunch army of supporters. Respected as an artist who always goes above and beyond the call of his DJ duties, his most meticulous re-edits, remixes and original productions have furthermore helped to cement his super-deluxe status.

Over the last couple of years, Steve has centralised his various creative activities under one all-encompassing umbrella entitled Viva. This has led to Viva residencies in Ibiza, Viva Harlem Nights parties in London, a triple Viva mix compilation, and Viva Music, the fully digital label.

Armed with CDs full of atmospheric samples, intros and a cappellas, which he will intuitively loop and layer as required, Steve destroys dancefloors using three DVJ decks, two EFX-1000s effects units and a DJM-1000 mixer.
Steve: “For me, there is no doubt that Pioneer single-handedly took it to the next level and re-invented DJing. When the CDJ-1000 decks, EFX units and DJM mixers came along, they totally changed the way that I perform. And I am not just telling you this because of any endorsement situation; it’s something that I really believe. The equipment has been on my rider for years. You can be so much more creative with the CD decks than you ever could with vinyl turntables, and I say this a vinyl lover – I mean, I collect the stuff and have around 25,000 records in my loft. But I burn everything to CD these days and now that premium sound quality has been nailed with the latest range, I honestly can’t see myself using any other kit.”