Kalium DVJ Team: DVJ Promo

Thu 29.01.2009

Click on to see the slickly presented mini promotional clip that Kalium DVJ Team sent in to Your DJsounds. Essentially composed of DJ/DVJ Kalium (Pavel Kacerle), DJ/producer Marwin Shamma and graphic artist Petr Š?astný, Kalium DVJ Team is an audio and visual collective hailing from the Czech Republic. Pavel explains the hows and whys of the entry: 'Our 3D team made this clip using several 3D tools and rendering plug-ins, as well as a HD video camera. 'We made the clip because we are a team of DJs and graphic designers that believe in the technology. There are plenty of DJs all over the world, but how many DVJs? This is another reason: to be unique... and innovative.' For more information about who we are and what we do, please visit: www.dvj.cz