SVM-1000 training at Versuz in Belgium

Mon 24.05.2010

Join DJ X-ian at Versuz in Hasselt, Belgium, where he gives training to all the resident DJs on the SVM-1000. He takes the guys through the amazing features of the SVM and they are wowed by the huge amount of possibilities the SVM affords the DJ.

We hear from the residents about what they think. Stefan K says he'll be using it for still photos and text initially, and will evolve into playing and manipulating DVDs with the music. Stefan goes on to say that he thinks training is a must with this unique product, as there are so many buttons and possibilities with it...not to mention being a necessity for the future to set you apart from the crowd...

Finally, see DJ X-ian put his skills to the test on the SVM-1000 at Versuz later that night.