Pole Folder discusses Destinations in Brussels

Fri 20.06.2008

Belgium’s Pole Folder (aka Benoit Franquet) spoke to DJsounds from his 80 Hz Studio in Brussels after completing his recent Destinations mix CD for friskyRecords… So prepare for a peak inside what for the past few years has been Pole Folder’s creative HQ as the progressive DJ/producer and trained musician talks about his craft and his kit. Pole Folder first rose to international prominence with his spacey ‘Apollo Vibes’ production and went on to cement his stellar reputation with his deeply impressive debut artist album, Zero Gold, released in 2005 on the Bedrock label. Fresh for 2008, Pole Folder’s new Destinations mix evolved from his shows on friskyRadio and is out now on friskyRecords. Destinations Track Listing ‘Destinations Intro’ ? Fabian Armogedo – ‘Universe’ ? Pole Folder – ‘Eastern Lagoon’ ? Simon Baker – ‘Bandit’ ? Simon S – ‘This or That’ ? Leon Bolier – ‘Further Instructions’ (Superdub remix) ? Andy Moor & Michael Wilson – ‘Control Me’ (Chad Cisneros remix) Clubbervision – ‘Contrast’ ? Kevin Yost – ‘Like a Dream to Me’ (Nothing Ever Changes remix) ? Rockhaus – ‘Rock the Box’ ? Arc – ‘Limin’ ? Deep Mariano vs CPM – ‘Plattenbau’ ? Max Demand – ‘Barcsak’ (Joel Amstrong remix) ? DJ Yellow & Astrid Suryanto – ‘To the Top’ ? Francesco de Santis – ‘Fuck'n'Roll’ ? ILK – ‘Twisted Pine’ (Ruby Weeks remix) ? Spektre – ‘Myst’ ? The Creamminals – ‘Finding Paulette’ ? Oliver Moldan vs Harrada – ‘Fortune Cookie’ (Jerome Isma-Ae remix) ? Tiger Stripes – ‘Mad at Me’? ‘Destinations Outro’ Words: LRC