How to DJ: Episode 3 – Mastering the Scene With James Zabiela (4/8)

Mon 06.07.2009

If you have ever heard James Zabiela finish off one of his high-octane DJ sets with a mad mash up of ‘thank you’ vocals, then you may be interested to know how it’s done live.

That’s right, we’re now halfway through Episode 3 as James returns to continue demonstrating yet more techy tricks involving the famous feedback loop!

First up, James plugs his headphones into the microphone input of the mixer and shows how he records in live vocals by drawing on the sampling and looping facilities of the EFX-1000.

He also shows how to play in, layer and even edit extra looptastic sounds, such as hi-hats from a Korg Kaossilator.

So get stuck in and expect stacks more tips from the digital music-meister over the next few weeks as How to DJ endeavourers to help you become master of the scene too.

How to DJ is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV. All music supplied by ALiVE Recordings. Words: LRC