How to DJ: Episode 3 – Mastering the Scene With James Zabiela (8/8)

Mon 06.07.2009

In this final instalment of the How to DJ series, James Zabiela continues where he left off last time: exploring mad-sounding effects – like the transform scratch effect.

Now if you’ve seen James jamming then you’ve probably heard him rinsing the EFX-1000’s transform effect, which is a way to reproduce a transform scratch digitally.

To demonstrate, James sets about creating one of his sculptures by looping a scratch sample and then introducing the transform effect.

He also shows how he improvises live by creating patterns using the EFX’s beat select buttons to move the sound in all kinds of weird and wonderful directions.

So watch those hands/transformers in disguise... The tuneage is supplied by ALiVE, who are still giving away Tom Budden’s track ‘Willow’ as featured by James in these tutorials. Well, that’s all for now, folks! How to DJ is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV. Words: LRC