Bora Bora

Tue 17.08.2010

Quite why it has taken us this long to cover the Ibiza institution, Bora Bora, is somewhat beyond us. Maybe it's because this daily inimitable shindig doesn't shout from the rooftops or have a shopping list of DJs, but nevertheless has been consistently a staple in any Ibiza clubber's holiday for over a decade. Where do we start? Dancing on the tables, drinking beer out of old English pint glasses and rowdy Italians in very tight trunks - a world away from the champagne and beds at other destinations. But above all music to make you feel good while dancing on the sand. In the clip, we spoke to Oliver Lang who's had a residency there for nine years. He talked about his history at Bora Bora, what makes it unique and then did a special demonstration for us on the CDJ-2000s, demonstrating the new firmware (3.10) that gives accuracy to one decimal place on the BPM display. He showed how you can line up two tracks using the BPM display and they will mix perfectly, allowing you more time to add other effects and acapellas. We also talked to Alex Miles who has been a resident for seven years and also plays on Saturdays at Space. He talked passionately about how the technology has changed over the years, allowing him to better connect with the crowd.