Pioneer DigitalDJ-ERGO-V introduction video

Fri 30.09.2011

Announcing a new addition to Pioneer's DJ controller range, the DigitalDJ-ERGO-V. This unique, design-led controller places emphasis on the DJing experience, combined with instinctive operability of the included Virtual DJ Limited Edition software from Atomix Productions.

The DigitalDJ-ERGO-V brings simplicity into both setup and performance, without compromising sound quality or features. Portable dimensions and sharp styling are complemented by a single bus powered cable connection to your laptop.

All major controls and effects are intuitively positioned and ready on the first press of a button. Quick access features include four-deck control, filters, FX, Hot Cues and sample banks with loop sampling too. Features you may not expect at this price point, such as high quality audio circuitry from the Pioneer professional mixer range and dual positioning options, mean the DigitalDJ-ERGO-V will have wide appeal.

The DigitalDJ-ERGO-V comes bundled with Atomix Productions Virtual DJ Limited Edition, which is ready to use straight from the box. Packed with features that even top of the range software can't boast, Virtual DJ LE lets DJs scratch, mix and add modern remix effects to your music and video sets without paying for an upgrade. On top of the four decks with autosync, you get instant access to eight samples, smart loops and much more. Automatic beatgrids, high-detail waveforms and a software interface that matches the controller will make it easy to keep track of the mix.

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