Supermartxé/Privilege Closing Party 2009

Wed 11.11.2009

Brace yourself for the sensational Supermartxé/Privilege closing party of 2009, as DJsounds’ Lorna Cole presents her end of season catch-up with Manuel Lopez, club Privilege’s general manager.

Here, Manuel speaks openly about the Supermartxé show, its local DJs, and the last few years of running what’s known as the biggest club in the world.

He also shares some insider insights into the highlights of this year – plus a very special ‘secret’ about their party plans for 2010 that apparently involves David Guetta...

Meanwhile, club footage shows the party kicking off in the hands of Supermartxé residents Juanjo Martin, Salva di Nobles and Michael Sanchez, while the Ibiza Global guys and Marcello Marchitto take over the Cocoloco room. Following their success this season, Supermartxé will return to Privilege in 2010. Words: LRC