Tom Peppe - Saturdays at Blue Marlin

Thu 19.11.2009

Island resident, Tom Peppe, has had the most extraordinary baptism in dance music. In between taking his GCSEs, he was caught nipping out to Space Opening and the IMS amongst other parties at the start of the season.

 Versed in dance music by island industry luminaries such as We Love's Mark Broadbent, the Cafe Mambo family, and Pacha resident, Andy Baxter, Tom's knowledge goes further than most other A-level students, even dropping classic house bombs to a crowd old enough to be his parents!

DJsounds' Mel Sutton catches up with Tom at the Cala Jondal hotspot, Blue Marlin, on a Saturday evening after another eight hour multi genre set. He talks about how he got started, his influences and the difference between being a producer and a DJ.

Having gone back to school, Tom is also keeping busy working with inspiring island musicians such as Lenny Ibizarre and playing clubs like mammoth super club, Matter, in London, before planning his attack on Ibiza for next summer. Tom Peppe - one to watch...