Nervo introduce the silver CDJ-350-S

Tue 06.12.2011

Check out this quick introduction video of the new metallic silver CDJ-350-S, a new colour variation of our CDJ-350 range.

Key features of the CDJ-350-S include:

  • New metallic silver colour gives DJs more choice
    Previously sold only in black or white, the CDJ-350 now comes in slick silver so DJs can match their player to any environment.
  • BEAT Display function enhances scratch and loop performance
    The BEAT Display function shows both the beat position of the song and the playback point, so you can visually check the beat for better scratching, mixing and looping.
  • Auto Loop gives multiple loop effects at the touch of a button Auto Loop allows DJs to experiment with various loop performances including:
    • Beat Loop – matches the beat and repeats a 4-beat loop
    • Loop Divide – splits the loop into smaller looped chunks providing a new rhythm
    • Hot Loop – while playing a loop, returns to the start of the loop and plays it again
  • All CDJs natively support Serato Scratch Live DJ software for instant plug and play.

For more info about the metallic silver CDJ-350-S and solid black CDJ-850-K, check out the news item.