This Is™ Sander Kleinenberg on the SVM-1000 at MOS London

Thu 31.01.2008

Feast your senses on this explosive footage, as an inspired Sander Kleinenberg takes the mix to another level at Ministry of Sound London during his final This Is™ residency gig of 2007. Definitely a major contender for one of his best sets of the year! For those who have followed the leading Dutch DJ/producer’s international career, from the 90s into the 00s, this new lexicon is no bolt from the blue; Sander’s adoption of the audio/visual mixer is now the latest in a succession of moves by an artist who thrives on evolution, and on breaking new ground. Hence when the DVJ (DVD decks) were unleashed back in 2004, Sander took to mixing visuals too. Embracing the AV technology as a next step to providing a more unique experience for the crowd, while further stamping his personality into the aesthetic fabric of his parties. And This Is™, a clubbing concept and mixed compilation series about living for the moment and defying any genre generalisations (other than This Is™) is an illuminating example with a strong identity. With stacks of residencies around the world, including Amsterdam, Ibiza, New York, LA and London, Sander is perfectly placed to experiment with new DJ gear, and to understand its wider impact in clubland. So look out for Sander’s SVM-1000 tips ‘n’ tricks video, coming soon to DJsounds! Download the high resolution versions for full wow factor below. Sander on the SVM-1000 - Quicktime H264 - 81 mb Sander on the SVM-1000 - Windows Media Player 9 - 134 mb Sander on the SVM-1000 - Divx - 129 mb Words: LRC