DVJ Kel Sweeney’s SVM-1000 EFX demo

Wed 11.02.2009

The UK’s Kel Sweeney has been into house music since 1988 and has been DJing for almost two decades. More recently he took up video DJing and now enjoys several DVJ residencies. Kel tells us more: ‘Here is a live video recording with a split screen showing the central screen on the SVM-1000 during a short DVJ set – using videos that I created myself. ‘I've tried to show at close quarters how the interface on the mixer works in a practical manner throughout such a video set. ‘It was filmed in a club in Gillingham, Kent called Preach where I currently hold a residency twice a week. I use 100% video content throughout my nights, from remixed videos to my own graphical creations and everything in between. My DVJ sets can also be seen at Liquid in Basildon every week.’ Kel's track list: Natural Born Grooves - 'Candy On the Dancefloor' Laidback Luke - 'Break Down the House' Foamo - 'Alright'