Your DJsounds - J-Me* Griffiths gives a demo of the Wide pitch scratch

Wed 14.03.2012

Check out this cool clip of J-Me Griffiths as he takes you through his wide pitch scratch demo on a 1000 set-up at none other than DJ Tutor's humble abode!

J-Me* Griffiths started DJing hip hop at the tender age of 13! In the early 90s, J-Me was prolific on the rave circuit, back then known as DJ Jamo, before becoming a resident at legendary Swansea nightclub 'Escape' in 1996. He then went on to be the fourth member of Hybrid and toured with the band until 2000. Since then, alongside many DJ and production engagements, J-Me has gone on to become a world renowned DJ tutor, having worked for Ministry Of Sound and even setting up his own DJ Academy in Wales.