DJsounds presents: Subject 0 by Oli Sorenson, formerly known as Anyone

Thu 17.04.2008

Is this really VJ Anyone’s last work? We do know it’s a juicy three-minute demo sample from Oli’s latest DVJ set. Introduced to us as ‘Subject 0’ – ‘a live DVJ audiovisual performance project, produced to mark VJ Anyone's passage to working under his new artist name - Oli Sorenson – to catch his audience’s attention and inform them that he is now formerly known as Anyone.’ Subject 0 sees Oli offering, in his own distinctive style, a rather ‘Princely’ conclusion to VJ Anyone's work on the subject of authorship. Subject 0’s themes may include celebrity and culture, but seen differently he’s simply throwing some semi-danceable shapes to some great, festival-friendly beats. Check it out – and think about seeing + hearing it all in widescreen. It’s an atmospheric cocktail with a soundtrack that comprises minimal techno, dubstep and even ambient sounds from the eclectic Vertical Sound label. Oli is now touring Subject 0, which will be unleashed as a DVD on the MixMash music video label sometime in 2008. Words: LRC