Part 3: Introducing Effects, SVM-1000-style, by Charles Kriel

Tue 22.04.2008

In this third episode from DVJ Kriel’s mini SVM-1000 masterclass, the Dr introduces the various (audio, visual and AV) effects to be found on the new mixer and explains how they are controlled. Charles, quite rightly, calls the SVM-1000’s touch panel ‘mission control’ and it’s from here that he starts to work things through, looking at the A, V and AV options, as well as at the different beat, touch and text effects. He also shows how the mixer visualises popular audio effects like the roll, and explains how to make adjustments to your chosen effect and use the SVM-1000’s built-in visualiser. For more on Kriel, including excerpts from his book, How to DVJ, click here. Introducing Effects, SVM-1000-style - WMV 9 - 187 mb Words: LRC