How to DJ: Episode 3 – Mastering the Scene With James Zabiela (1/8)

Mon 06.07.2009

Top music manipulator James Zabiela introduces Episode 3 in the How to DJ series as we kick off with some hot EFX trickery from the grandmaster…

In this clip, recorded at London’s Ministry of Sound, James looks at how to add and use effects to enhance your DJ set. Hands-on demonstrations include using the echo (one of James’ favourite effects) and the EFX-1000 as a sampler/editor.

He also shows some of the various ways in which you can create and tweak a feedback loop. So click on to get your geek on!

Here to help you become a master of the mix, the How to DJ series is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV.

All music supplied by ALiVE Recordings. Words: LRC