How to DJ: Episode 3 – Mastering the Scene With James Zabiela (7/8)

Mon 06.07.2009

One of James Zabiela’s trademarks as a DJ is the way that he scratches and transforms sounds. When done at the right time and place, this always turns heads. So the penultimate part of this series focuses on how to scratch it up, JZ-style.

Taking certain techniques from turntablism and giving them a digital twist, here the super-dexterous star runs us through a few of his favourite tips and tricks. These include how to create scratch patterns and how to cut them using the cross fader.

The CDJ-1000 is James’ first weapon of choice, plus he’s also incorporating effects and a feedback loop of his scratching via the EFX-1000!

All music is supplied by ALiVE Recordings, who are now giving away a free download of Tom Budden’s track ‘Willow’ – as featured in these tutorials – through the ALiVE Facebook fan page. How to DJ is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV. Words: LRC