10daysoff 2009 - one day off - Matias Aguayo part 2

Thu 23.07.2009

On this day off, we continue our interview with Matias Aguayo. Born in Santiago de Chile (Arg), he musically grew up in Cologne (Ger) during the nineties.

After releasing tracks on Kompakt and Souljazz (Are You Really Lost, Minimal, ...) he recently started his own label : Cómeme. A new label for a new sound: more groovin' and jackin', going towards baile funk, dirty pop, modern disco and underground latin house.

It's the result of the BumBumBox partyconcept he and his friends started in Latin America: spontaneous streetparties with Aguayo playing unreleased tracks and dj-mixes on a ghettoblaster for friends and people passing by...

He already knew which sounds do the trick on club dancefloors, now he's adding what he's learnt on the streets.