Interview: Get Wild with Sharam in Ibiza

Sat 05.09.2009

It’s 3am and DJsounds’ Lorna Cole is in the lobby of the exclusive Ibiza Gran Hotel, waiting to talk to dance music innovator Sharam Tayebi before his visual DJ set at Pure Pacha. Currently touring like crazy for his new Get Wild album, thankfully Sharam finds time to sit down and shoot from the hip about a range of subjects...

These range from DJing and Deep Dish, to the Western/cowboy concept involved in his solo output. And, of course, this includes the massive new single to emerge from his album – ‘She Came Along’, which samples country singer Patsy Cline and features hot hip-hop/rap artist Kid Cudi.

With Get Wild blowing up globally, naturally Sharam has got some pretty awesome video accompaniments in the bag, as Lorna finds out when they also discuss his performance at club Pacha. Words: LRC