Your DJsounds - Kutski Hip Hop Tear Up

Sun 12.09.2010

We last saw Kutski when he was mashing up Mario Brothers. We join him again as he gives us his take on old skool hip hop. Watch as he scratches his way through hit after hit, cutting them up live on our now iconic hip hop mixer, the DJM-909. This mixer arguably changed the way that hip hop DJs battle when it came out, count them, seven years ago! This was the first Pioneer mixer with the now classic Roll effect in amongst another 49 effects which included innovative effects such as Tone Generators, Multi-tap Delays and complex filters that are all accessed via a super intuitive touch screen. If you like the DJM-909, remember to check out the DJ Co-ma video here:’s-show-time-dj-co-ma. Remember to also check out the Kutski CDJ-900 showcase videos here: