Scottie B and DJ Sci

Thu 23.09.2010

DJsounds's Lorna Cole met up with hip hop veteran, Scottie B, and new kid on the block, DJ Sci, before they played Twice as Nice at Eden, and got the lowdown on all things hip hop in Ibiza.
The Twice as Nice party bursts with R&B, hip hop and garage and these guys are loving that the hip hop scene is growing in Ibiza, which, as we all know is traditionally known for house music.  They also chat about playing at Eden and the magnificent sound system!  We also hear about their own styles of DJ-ing and how easy the CDJ-2000s make things.  Scottie B especially likes the way they enable him to use many different skills and effects and there are less limitations than if he were using vinyl.  
Scottie B has been DJ-ing since 1997 and has accomplished much since then.  He started in North London, has played all the major London clubs and most of the UK big namers too, as well as traveling the world with his sound.  He's been a resident for Twice As Nice since 2001, has played and had shows on Freek FM and London's Choice FM and currently presents MTV Base's 'From the Endz'.  He's also Alesha Dixon's official DJ and has played after parties for artists such as Jay-Z, Ne-yo and Blu Cantrell, Wyclef and J-Lo.  All this and he's still grounded enough to have a BA Hons degree in Music Audio Technology and Music Industry Studies and run workshops teaching people how to DJ.
DJ Sci is from Manchester and started his DJ career in 2003.  He plays a variety of different genres, such as R&B, electro, soul, funky house, hip-hop and old skool garage.  He's held residencies in Manchester at Pure, Replay, Opus and Relish and has spent summers touring in Cyprus and Greece, before hitting Ibiza this year.