Interview: Patrick Soks at the KM5 closing party, Ibiza

Fri 12.10.2007

KM5’s closing party took place on Saturday 6th October and DJsounds’ Lorna Cole was there to speak with KM5 partner Patrick Soks about the lavish lounge’s unique and Balearic character.

KM5 is an Arabic styled lounge, bar and restaurant, located about five kilometres from Ibiza Town, up in the hills on the road to San José. Hosted by Belgium’s own Patrick Soks, whose illustrious Paradise Parties rocked Café d’Anvers in the 90s, KM5 is all about delivering the ultimate chillout/party experience. The venue sports a full audio-visual (DVJ) setup with plasma screens around the dancefloor and draws on easy-on-the-eye flat panel speaker technology. KM5 is now closed until April 2008 but for more details on the opening party and other events, please check out the links below.