Wax On Records with DJ E.A.S.E. (Nightmares On Wax)

Wed 01.12.2010

Meet George Evelyn AKA DJ E.A.S.E, head honcho of Wax On Records and seminal Dub/Downbeat outfit Nightmares on Wax. Originally hailing from Leeds in the UK he has been coming to Ibiza since the 90s and set up home there in 2008. He tells us the motivation and sound behind Wax On, about the different arists on the label and how he spreads the Wax On word on the island through his parties and radio show.

Best known for his legendary albums, Carboot Soul and Smokers Delight, George has a rich musical heritage behind him, growing up on Soul, Funk and later, Hip-Hop. After hugely successful forays into prototype Techno in the early nineties with Aftermath and Dextrous he now churns out a constant stream of immaculately produced, authentic downbeat gold on Wax On.