20 Years of La Rocca party, Lier, Belgium

Wed 03.12.2008

DJsounds joins team La Rocca for their 20th anniversary celebrations at club La Rocca in Lier, Belgium. Here we speak with the club’s owner, Wim van Ouytsel, as well as with party headliners Tom Novy and George Morel. La Rocca first started way back in 1988 and now attracts a grand mix of clubbers of all ages, including some mega-glamorous ones who arrive in limousines, as this footage shows. So click on now to learn more. In this clip DJs Tom Novy and George Morel discuss the history of the club and what it’s like to take to the decks at its 20th birthday party. We also track down club promoter Nick, who talks about what it takes to secure a DJ gig at the famous club. A double mix CD marking the occasion, 20 Year La Rocca, mixed by residents Joeri & Neon and Marco, is out now on the Mostiko label. Words: LRC