Off the Wall (VJ Cuisine & DJ ChocoMel) at Paradiso, Amsterdam

Mon 15.12.2008

Off the Wall is an audio-visual crew comprised of VJ Supreme Cuisine and DJ Mel. This Dutch duo first joined forces in 2004 to create an urban eclectic show that mixes and mashes up all kinds of found footage from across the decades. Mel has DJed at events across the Netherlands, while Supreme Cuisine’s visuals have been used at gigs around the globe – and, having known each other since the 1980s, they’re also pretty good mates. So click on now to catch up with the guys four years down the line... In this clip, Off the Wall can be seen and heard shaking the house (as well as the pop, funk and hip hop) at the SEEN visual music night, held at club Paradiso in Amsterdam. Here, VJ Supreme Cuisine and DJ Mel explain more about their collaboration, the night, and how they go about performing live, DVD-DJ-style. Words: LRC