Part 4: Set-up menus on the SVM-1000 by Charles Kriel

Sun 04.05.2008

The final part of DVJ Kriel’s SVM-1000 masterclass series goes ‘deep into the machine’ to throw light on some special features that can be accessed via the mixer’s set-up menus. Using the utility button, Charles ventures first into the utility set-up menu and explains the MIDI, video monitor and keyboard language options – in full. He also looks at the hardware set-up menu, including the choices available for adjusting microphone set-up, master output, monitor output, system, LCD and touch panel options. For more on Kriel, including excerpts from his book, How to DVJ, click here. Set-up menus on the SVM-1000 - WMV 9 - 85 mb Words: LRC