Point Blank DJ School

Sun 08.05.2011

DJing used to be about learning from your older brother's friends in their bedroom or from standing behind the DJ Booth in your local club trying to work out how they sync those repetitive beats; not anymore! A wealth of "DJ schools" have become established over the last ten years, Point Blank in North London is arguably the most well known.

DJsounds was shown around the many studios by Ben Bristow, who explained that alongside their DJ courses Point Blank also runs courses in Radio, Singing & Songwriting, Sound Engineering and Recording to name a few. Today though he explained in detail about their two, 2-day DJ crash-courses: Basic and Advanced as well as a full Pioneer DJ course.

David McHugh, College Manager at Point Blank explains how the school is changing, particularly with the introduction of online learning.

All music that appears in the clip is produced by Point Blank students!