Your DJsounds - DJ Wiplash - Serato 2.1 and CDJ-2000 HID Integration

Thu 26.08.2010

This is not the first clip from DJ Wiplash, he previously showed us around the CDJ-2000s earlier in the year, with partner in crime, DJ Gato. He's back! This time he's showing us the incredible HID integration between Serato 2.1 and the CDJ-2000 running firmware 3.10. We previously mentioned this in our video about CDJ firmware update 3.10.

We love how Wiplash gives us a step by step demonstration of exactly what is possible and exactly how you connect up your laptop and the CDJs. He shows how the super tight HID integration allows direct crate browsing from the CDJ, scratching, looping and hot cueing with zero latency and the cherry on top, waveform display.

DJ Wiplash is a nationally touring DJ with The Hot Import Nights Tour in the USA. Based in Orlando, he has residencies at The Roxy Nightclub and Lyrica Nightclub.

The track used in the clip is "Madman" Jersey Demic.