The Ibiza Closing Marathon Part 3 at Amnesia - Lawler, Mar-T

Thu 18.10.2012

It is only at the openings and closings that the Ibiza clubs are allowed to close their doors when they want, usiually the next afternoon and Amnesia Closing 2012 is no different.

Bathed in the glorious med sun, we get stuck in on the terrace with ViVa warrior Steve Lawler and long serving Amnesia veteran Mar-T. 

Mar-T tells us the thinking behind the line-up of the closing and about the record breaking summer they have just had. Steve meanwhile outlines his history with the club and why change is good.

And yes, that is Arman van Helden's remix of CJ Bolland's "Sugar is Sweeter" from 1997 near the start!