Darius Syrossian, Santé and Sidney Charles at Do Not Sleep closing party

Wed 28.10.2015

After unprecedented success in their debut season at Vista Club, Privilege, Do Not Sleep went off like a fire-cracker with one last almighty bash for the summer, this time on the terrace at Space Ibiza.

At the start of the summer it looked like both time and the odds were working against close friends Darius Syrossian, Santé and Sidney Charles, but the chemistry between trio, crowd and a quality selection of guest talent proved so electric that they filled Vista Club every night across eleven weeks. In a handful of evening-into-mornings Do Not Sleep amassed a legion of loyal fans that will follow its rolling blend of house, tech-house and techno anywhere.

We hooked up with the lads at their twelfth and final soiree at Space Ibiza to talk about their whirlwind summer, unbreakable friendship, the risks of starting a new night on an island already bursting with parties and what it means for them to play back-to-back.

Note to viewers - what with all the genuine affection, killer club shots and exclusive unreleased tracks flying around this video, you may not sleep!


  • Darius Syrossian - Mischief Brew
  • Darius Syrossian, Santé & Sidney Charles - Soul Brothers