Coldcut live at the Eurockeennes festival, France

Wed 02.01.2008

Check out this blistering clip from Coldcut’s Eurockeennes festival performance in Belfort, France! Coldcut’s Jonathan More and Matt Black were ahead of their time way back in 1987. And two decades down the line the duo remains at the cutting edge of superlative electronic entertainment. So if you loved (or missed) Coldcut’s Journeys by VJs tour of 2007, when they catapulted sound to another dimension of ‘What You See is What You Hear’, then you’ll love this… Taking video scratch montage techniques to the next level together with top scratch artist Raj Pannu and MC Juice Aleem, Coldcut rocked a sea of heads at the 2007 Eurockeennes festival. Enjoy the re-play! You can view parts 2 & 3 on youtube here: Part 2: Beats + Pieces. Part 3: Jungle Drummer, CanCan, Revolution. Thanks to Coldcut for clips. Words: LRC