DJ Alfredo and Jaime Fiorito : The Heritage Project

Sun 20.01.2013

Welcome to the unique father-son partnership of a Balearic legend, singlehandedly responsible for inspiring Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway back in 1987 to start a movement that would change the face of music and clubbing, Alfredo and his son Jaime, enthused at an early age to follow in his father's disco foot steps.

Aptly named the Heritage Project, Jaime and Alfredo guide us through the concept and each tells us what the project means to them and what they have learnt from one another. 

The guys tell us about their other special parties at Pikes (where Wham shot Club Tropicana) and why their residency at We Love is so special. Alfredo, a die-hard vinyl lover and Jaime talk about how rekordbox and FX allow them to manipulate their tracks.