How to DJ: Episode 2 - The Next Level With Phil K (Part 1 of 9)

Sun 10.05.2009

DJsounds’ brings you exclusive access to Episode 2 of the How to DJ series with the Australian DJ wizard Phil K. Here Phil takes it the next level by expanding on the basics introduced by Sarah Main in Episode 1. From counting (and feeling!) those beats, bars and phrases, to assessing wave forms on the CDJs, complete with an introduction to the time remaining/time elapsed feature, to tips on cueing up tracks and getting it tight in a ‘real world’ setting… The man behind such high-impact mixes as Balance 004, Y4k, and The Therapy Sessions, and such production wonders as ‘Burma’ and Because We Can (with Luke Chable as Lostep) shows exactly how to fix it in the mix. Also coming soon to DJsounds, the UK’s James Zabiela presents his secret weapons in Episode 3. How to DJ is produced by and Ministry of Sound TV. Words: LRC