At home with Copenhagen's Kjeld Tolstrup

Tue 16.02.2010

Continuing a pace with our coverage live and direct from the domestic habitat of our DJ heroes, we catch-up with Copenhagen's instrumental party starter, Kjeld Tolstrup.

Kjeld has been on the scene since 1981 and stayed in Denmark for the first 10 years of his career. His lust for underground clubs made him branch out to clubs in Europe and across the world before starting up his seminal, supermodel splashed, shabby shindig, Lækker.

In his vast and varied career, he has worked with acts such as Grace Jones, the Chemical Brothers and Boy George and been editor of VS magazine, while always holding a torch for Blondie!

Kjeld reminisces about the way the scene has changed; his vast taste in music from rock to disco, and his up and coming projects - getting back into remixing/producing, and his monthly residency, Selecta Superior. Essential Listening - Kjeld's "Sound of Copenhagen" series.